Know Your Neon

LED Neon has become the "go to" for all interiors, events and weddings. It provides a superior lifespan, safety and cleaner design when compared to traditional glass neon.

BUT, not all LED Flexible Neon is the same:

There are three different types of LED neon technology:

  • DIP - longer lasting, true lifetime quality up to 50,000 hours, 12mm wide tube.
  • SMD - short life neon, up to 5,000 hours, 8mm wide tube
  • Silicone SMD - short-life, up to 5,000 hours, small cuts and 6mm wide tube

Discover the Neon Poodle difference:

  • Two Year Warranty on all components
  • 12mm Ultra quality LED using DIP technology only
  • 5mm acrylic base for superior strength
  • Satisfaction Guarantee*, we will replace if you dont like you final product. 

Compare our "Neon for Life" product against our competitors below:

 Company Warranty Flexible LED Dimmer Shipping
Neon Poodle 2 years 12mm DIP Free Free
Neon Beach 1 year 8mm SMD Extra $$ Extra $$
Bag and Bones 1 year 8mm SMD Extra $$ Extra $$
Custom Neon 1 year 8mm SMD Extra $$ Extra $$


At Neon Poodle, we pride ourselves on providing quality design for you to enjoy now and many many years in the future. Dont be tricked by cheap quality neon and "price beat guarantees". 

Need more convincing, read our REAL reviews: